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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Early life

Anneliese Michel was born on September 21, 1952 in Klingenberg, Bavaria, Germany. Michel was raised in a strict Catholic family. A devout girl, she tried to make reparations for the sins of wayward priests and drug addicts by sleeping on a bare floor in the middle of winter.

In 1968, when Anneliese was 16 and still in high school, she began to suffer from convulsions. Court findings had her experiencing her first epileptic attack in 1969. It was then that a neurologist at the Psychiatric Clinic Würzburg diagnosed her with grand mal epilepsy

Psychiatric treatment

Soon, Anneliese started experiencing devilish hallucinations while praying. She also began to hear voices, which told her that she was damned.By 1973 Anneliese was suffering from depression and considering suicide.Her behavior became increasingly bizarre; she tore off her clothes, ate cold, and licked up her own urine.

Being admitted to an unnamed psychiatric hospital did not improve Michel's health. Moreover, her depression began to deepen. She grew increasingly frustrated with medical intervention as it did not improve her condition. Long-term medical treatment proved unsuccessful; her condition, including her depression, worsened with time.

Having centered her life around devout Catholic faith, Michel began to attribute her condition to demonic possession. Michel became intolerant of sacred places and objects, such as the crucifix, which she attributed to her own demonic possession. Throughout the course of the religious rites Michel underwent, she was prescribed antipsychotic drugs, which she may or may not have stopped taking.

In June 1970, Michel suffered a third seizure at the psychiatric hospital she had been staying in and was prescribed anticonvulsants for the first time. The name of this drug is not known, and it did not bring about immediate alleviation of Michel's symptoms. She also continued talking about what she called "devil faces", seen by her during various times of the day. Michel became convinced that conventional medicine was of no help. Growing increasingly adamant that her illness was of a spiritual kind, she appealed to the Church to perform an exorcism on her. That same month, she was prescribed another drug, Aolept, which is a phenothiazine with general properties similar to those of chlorpromazine: pericyazine is used in the treatment of various psychoses, including schizophrenia and disturbed behavior.

In November 1973, Michel started her treatment with Tegretol (carbamazepine), which is an antiepileptic drug. Michel took this medicine frequently, until shortly before her death.

Exorcism and death

In 1975, when Anneliese was 23 years old, an older woman who accompanied Anneliese Michel on a pilgrimage concluded that Anneliese was suffering from demonic possession because Michel was unable to walk past a certain icon of Jesus Christ and refused to drink the water of a holy spring.An exorcist in a nearby town examined Michel and returned a diagnosis of demonic possession.The bishop issued permission to perform the rite of exorcism according to the Rituale Romanum of 1614

She and her parents were convinced that she was possessed. After years of unsuccessful psychiatric treatments, they gave up on medical treatment and chose to rely solely on the exorcisms for healing.The rites of exorcism were performed over the course of about ten months in 1976. A total of sixty-seven exorcism sessions were held, one or two each week, some lasting up to four hours. Michel at this time was refusing medical care, refusing to eat, and talking about her death being a form of atonement for other people's sins.

On July 1, 1976, Anneliese Michel died in her sleep. The autopsy report stated that her death resulted from the malnutrition and dehydration due to almost a year of semi-starvation during which time the rites of exorcism were also performed.

Trial and courtroom charges

After an investigation, the state prosecutor maintained that Michel's death could have been prevented even one week before she died. He charged all four defendants—Pastor Ernst Alt and Father Arnold Renz as well as the parents—with negligent manslaughter for failing to call a medical doctor to address her eating disorder.

The trial started on March 30, 1978, in the district court and drew intense interest. Before the court, the doctors claimed the woman was not possessed, although Dr. Richard Roth, who was asked for medical help by Father Alt, allegedly said after the exorcism he witnessed on May 30, 1976, that "there is no injection against the devil, Anneliese".

The priests were defended by church-paid lawyers, and the parents were defended by Erich Schmidt-Leichner. Schmidt-Leichner claimed that the exorcism was legal and that the German constitution protected citizens in the unrestricted exercise of their religious beliefs.

The defense played tapes recorded at the exorcism sessions, sometimes featuring what was claimed to be "demons arguing", as proof that Michel was indeed possessed. Both priests presented their deeply held conviction that she was possessed and that she was finally freed by exorcism just before she died.

Ultimately, the accused were found guilty of manslaughter resulting from negligence and were sentenced to a six months in prison (which was later suspended) and three years of probation. It was a far lighter sentence than anticipated by most people. Yet, it was more than demanded by the prosecution, who had asked that the priests only be fined and that the parents be found guilty but not punished.

During the trial, the major lingering issues were related to the church itself. A not-guilty verdict could be seen as opening the gate to more exorcism attempts, and possibly unfortunate outcomes. But for the most part, experienced observers believed the effect would be the opposite: that merely bringing charges of negligent homicide against priests and parents would provoke changes and more caution.


Before the trial, the parents asked the authorities for permission to exhume the remains of their daughter. They did so as a result of a message received from a Carmelite nun from the district of Allgäu in southern Bavaria. The nun had told the parents that a vision had revealed to her that their daughter's body was still intact and that this authenticated the supernatural character of her case. The official reason presented by the parents to authorities was that Michel had been buried in undue hurry in a cheap coffin. Almost two years after the burial, on February 25, 1978, her remains were replaced in a new oak coffin lined with tin.

The official reports (to date undisputed by any authority) state that the body bore the signs of consistent deterioration. The accused exorcists were discouraged from seeing the remains of Michel. Father Arnold Renz later stated that he had been prevented from entering the mortuary

Should i buy B.B or Sony AINO??

ok now i tgh confused nak bli yg mana satu
both pown ada dorg nye speciality..
well guys help me..yg sony AINO nie blh control psp 3,ada wi-fi sume ckup lah..camera sony 8.1 megapixel B.B nie plak xsilap 3.2 jew kowt tp mmg cantek gambar dia..cuma bentuk jew ar laen..style ngan xstyle jew
iphone xnak sbb sucks kan
hahaha.so nak taw pendapat korg which one korg rasa better....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Org Glew Mcm Kau

heyy ntah laaaa...
byk sgt org xsedar dri kan
mcm kau n kawan 2 kau kowt...
so .A.I.E.A.E sdr2 la dri korg sume dah nak mampos...
ape yg dengki sgt kat org...
ya allah jlous rupenya...eyh ada yg lari dr wad SAKIT JIWA!!
alalala kesian nyaaa..mak bpak xtaw yg anak dia mmg skit jiwa plus PELACUR!
Opps terlebih sudah!haha..paham2 jela yew..balas dendam tue kan bnda baek.
so apa salahnya..bwat jela..alang2 kata org jahat baek jadi jahat mcm kau xpown worst!
yeah4!!mampos korg sume
laen kali kan nak kata org tgk diri sendiri tue dlu...
ececeh...kau pandai kew???
mmg bodoh semata2 bangang dan sebagainya...
bkn marah org nie tp kutuk n maki seronok nyaaaa..
haahhh pg mampos aku doakan..semoga mati dlm keadaan amann sentosa!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

LOVE life i guess.

hallo everybody..
thanx coz jenguk2 aku nye blog..
dis tme aku nak cte pasal hmmm laki jgak..
utk girls jew blog aku nie..ahaha..xdelaaa kidding jew..
haaa korg la kan if dapat girls or boys yg da sayang korg glew,
yg blh dgr ckp or ikut jew apa yg kte nak n sggup sacrifice everythng utk kte jgn la pk nak tnjuk ego nak keras kepala or pape laaa..
coz korg mgkn akan menyesal glew babs nye..serious shit mmg kne appreciate org mcm dorg nie.
bkn sng nak dapat yg jenis blh paham n tahan ngan perangai kte..
xbyk...ada pown mgkn yg jenis panas baran.tol x..nie klu dapat yg baek n not so good looking aku rasa dah ok kowt..
xpayah laa nak cari yg rawkstar or wat..
but if korg ada jmpe yg lagi better n stable n korg happy ngan cara camtu bgus laaa..
tp klu yg xdapat cam apa yg korg harap kan x kew cam pepatah nie..
"yg kejar xdapat,yg dikendong berciciran" habis dua2 xdapat..
putih biji mata..hahaha
xde laa aku penah hilang org yg aku syg(mksudnya bf camtu ar)..mgkn sbb aku nie xpenah puas ngan apa yg aku ada kowt..cam xbersyukur..pastu aku xpenah lagi laa jmpe org yg perangai mcm dia.he's the best among all..but wat to do..aku mgkin xkan dapat dia blik.sbb aku rasa aku dah skitkan aty dia glew2..
aku rasa aku akan tumpang happy if dia happy tp bkn dgn kawan aku or wat ok..
mmg dpat penyepak ngan aku!!

so aku dah penah rasa bnda2 nie sume n harap org yg pk nak ikut ego sndri or wateva pertimbangkan lah dulu sblum semua terlambat bak kata pepatah lagi "terlajak perahu blh diundur terlajak kata??" xleyh annnn...
kte sama2 pk ar..aku penah terlajak ckp n bwat.n rasanya smpai skrang still rasa sgt menyesal dgn apa yg aku penah bwat dlu n aku nak makesure afta dis aku xnak wat dah camtu..hmmm
owh yea bersyukur dgn apa yg kte ada.dah dapat yg ok jgn nak tamak cari yg laen..
nobody's perfect.so do i...

TO u..
thank u so much for being in my life..afta we go through all the hard tme still we didnt manage to make our relationship stronger...
im sorry i hurt u too much...
i hope we can get back together but now its too late i guess..
dis is wat i get afta i break ur heart...
dis is a good lesson for me..
all the memories we had i'll never forget dat until the day dat i die..
i noe u hate me so much afta wat i've done to u..
please forgive me...i noe dis tme is my fault not u...
if u read dis u noe who u are...
once again im sorry n i love you :(

appreciation to someone that we really love is more important than our ego..

THINK bout it n u noe d answer..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

nothing to hide or something to hide??confused

everyday feels like dying laaa
so many thing i hv to think of..
owh yeaaa should i being single for 1 year or wat??
kinda stupid for that question huhh...
well i got some of guy frens..
i think they like me n i like them tooo..
the thing is i dont have any feeling towards them..
wat i mean was for this tme laaa..
maybe coz i just broke up with someone that i really love plus im afraid..
im afraid if i have any bf later they gonna broke my heart jst like he did to me..
maybe at first they still can be nice,sweet, romantic n all dat..
but afta a while afta they bored with the relationship they just ignored me n im the one who think like crazy people how to save the relatioship..
haihhh its really hard thou but i've to keep move on living in dis hatred world..
so i decide n told some of my fren that i wanna being single for 1 year..
but i dont know whether i cant stand with my own words or not...
actually somebody asked me to updated my blog..
im quite lazy n dont have so much time for dis...lol
owh yea 1 more story..
dis person used to be my bstfrn laaa..
hmm konon2 jadi bff..
at last idk wat happened
we ignore each other(dis one ok laa)
but i heard somethg tak oklaa
dis person talked about me behind my back!
wtf.get lost la if u xnak kwan ngan i..
LIQUOR i care!!!
blh blahhh taw x....
xkesa xde bff pown
apa ada hall
aku ramai kawan kowt
so stop influence all my frens u biatch
get lostttttt
im happy ryte now...
owh yea kwn2 aku kwn2 aku laa bkn kwn kau..
so jgn nak menyebok
malu sket ok..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


listen people!!
u guys can say watever u want!
but dont simply judge me or my bf bcoz im the one who wrote this blog!!!
its just a topic that i wanna share with everybody!!!
if u think dats my problem with my bf so just SHUT THE FUCK UP OK!!!
IM PISSED OFF bcoz u guys didnt mind ur own business!!
org wat blog camtu sket da ingat aku ada prob ngan bf aku!
pg mampos la klu ada pown..
ada aku nak bgatw korg sume kew!!
zzzzz geram sialll!!!!
nk tlis blog pown ssh!!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

apa pandangan korg??cpat2

mcm nie cte die...
i want u guys nye opinion k..
korg blh kew xjmpe bf/gf lama2
dlm masa yg agak lama sebulan kew 2 bulan kew?
msg pown kdg2.laaa tue pown cam nak xnak jew?
bengang n skit aty x?
apa patut i or u guys sume bwat if dpt bf/gf camtu??
xpe2 pk2 kan pastu bg jawapan awwww..
klu xbf/xgf korg sebelum nie 10 tmes lagi bgus dari bf/gf korg skrang camne?
menyesal x rasa break up ngan dorg??
ok kesimpulan nya kat sni apa patut kte bwat if dapat bf yg cam kat atas tue??
ini hanya topic biasa ok..so jgn pk mcm2!